Reception Area

Rest assured, you will feel at ease

Comfort, Amenities and Technology

Our office is designed with our patients in mind for maximum comfort and serenity, complete with waterfall, relaxing music, flat panel monitors and refreshments.  What’s more, we offer a private suite that provides unparalleled comfort and privacy for extended procedures and surgeries.  Rest assured, you will feel at ease.

Our practice is appointed with the latest equipment and technology; only the finest materials went into building this practice, for we believe that our physical office surroundings are a reflection of ourselves.

All of our equipment and instruments are state-of-the-art and were manufactured in the United States, Germany, France and Finland.  Our cutting-edge technologies include digital x-rays, hospital-grade sterilization center & sterile water supply, LED dental light system, intra-oral cameras, dental microscope and ultra quiet handpieces.