I have been a patient of Dr. Pontikes Practice, Seasons Dental, for the last four years. He and his staff are great! Since it’s a smaller office you really feel like your service is personal and that they really care about you. Lily is the receptionist and she couldn’t be sweeter if she tried. I really enjoy seeing her smiling face when I come into the office. Julie, the hygienist, does a great job but is also super personable and really nice. And then there is Dr. Pontikes- he is just so great. I had two wisdom teeth removed and he did the procedure. I was really nervous going into it, but he made me feel comfortable and helped me to relax. I ended up laughing after he took out my first tooth because I didn’t even feel it!! What the heck was I all worried about? Anyway, some important notes: They take most dental insurance (when he became out of network for my insurance, I continued to go to him since I like the atmosphere so much). Dr. Pontikes does offer Invisalign if you are interested. He also offers an additional fluoride treatment for $50 during your twice yearly cleaning (I only do it every once in a while). If you want to go to a dentist that you see the same friendly faces each visit, this is the place to go!! 🙂

Marjorie M. *Google review* 1/23/2018
Prospect Heights, IL

I have been going to Dr. Pontikes for years and followed him once he opened his own practice, even though it is a pretty far drive. He is always very thorough and knowledgeable and makes you feel like he has your best interests in mind. Any work I have had done has been exceptional and he always makes me feel at ease. I would recommend him to anyone I know in need of a dentist.

Sandi F. *Google review* 1/21/2018
Chicago, IL

My experience at Seasons Dental Care was exceptional! The staff was very friendly, accommodating, and professional. Dr. Pontikes is personable and meticulous with his work. I highly recommend Season’s Dental Care!

Ivan C. *Google review* 1/16/2018
Des Plaines, IL

Dr. Pontikes & team are complete professionals! The office is gorgeous and the front office staff are so kind and welcoming. Dr. Pontikes takes the time to consult with you and is truly meticulous about his work. I’ve been a patient for about 4 years and have done cleanings, Invisalign, and whitening with Doc. You won’t find a better a dental office – I moved to the city and still drive back to Arlington Heights because I don’t want another dentist!

Ashley A. *Google review* 12/27/2017
Palatine, IL

Dr. John Pontikes and his staff provide the highest level of care. They are meticulous, thorough, compassionate, helpful, and informative. I’ve been a patient of Dr. P for 10+ years and wouldn’t trade his services in for the world. I’ve never been a fan of needles, but Dr. Pontikes shows such compassion to the point where I never experience any pain or discomfort during treatments. His dental hygenists are THE BOMB and his staff is always willing to go above and beyond what’s expected in order to fulfill the patients wishes. I HIGHLY recommend Seasons Dental Care!

Zoe M. *Google review* *yelp* 12/22/2017
San Francisco, CA

I highly recommend Dr Pontikes to everyone I know. He is a perfectionist and doesn’t settle for anything less.

Patricia G. *Google review* 12/19/2017
Arlington Heights, IL

Dr Pontikes has been my dentist for a long time now. I have never felt more comfortable and at ease as I do at this office. I trust him with every diagnosis good or bad. He is never going to lead you on just to benefit his pocket book. For me honesty and experience is very important in my choice for dentist and Dr. P is without a doubt, all of the above. I have to say as an adult I have become a huge baby when it comes to dental work., and Dr. P ALWAYS assures me it will be okay, and it ALWAYS is.

All the staff are friendly and inviting , I especially love Lily. She’s always upbeat, professional, and so so sweet.

The office is beautiful and pristine which is always a plus when getting your mouth worked on.

I can’t recommend Seasons Dental highly enough, you will not be disappointed.

Lindsey W. *yelp* 11/28/2017
Chicago, IL

I’ve been seeing Dr. Pontikes for over five years now and I cannot say enough about him! Not only is he an expert at what he does but he’s also very professional, personable and honest which I appreciate. He’s one of those people that truly cares about his patient’s oral health and is willing to help in any way he can. His staff is great, too! Every time I visit, I feel like I’m family.

Michelle G. *Google review* 11/25/2017
Chicago, IL

A great office .The staff are always nice, warm and welcoming .Dr.pontikes is by far the best dentist I’ve been to.He has been taking care of my entire family for the past 8 years.He has done invisalign ,crowns,wisdom tooth extractions ,root canals,you name it!.He is very understanding and caring and always comforting .Even after the procedure he calls and checks with how the patient is feeling.Dr.pontikes knows what he is doing ,very professional and confident .In one word i can say HE IS A PERFECTIONIST!Highly recommend to everyone!

Poojitha U. *Google review* *yelp* 11/10/2017
Glen Ellyn, IL

I had a wonderful experience during my first cleaning at Seasons Dental Care. Dr. Pontikes’ office is very clean and the vibe I received from the office placed me in a warm and relaxing environment. I am impressed with the doctor’s professionalism and confidence in his craft. I am looking forward to my next cleaning and Julie the hygienist was amazing and very thorough!

Lily A. *Google review* *yelp* 8/23/2017
Hanover Park, IL

Dr. Pontikes is an amazing dentist. He explains everything thoroughly and shows great care for my comfort. He is very accommodating. His fillings match the color and appearance of my natural teeth perfectly – nobody will ever be able to tell how many cavities I’ve had! Once, he even made an exception and opened up his office on his day off in order to provide me dental care I needed. As a healthcare provider myself, I am very impressed by his ability to remember me as a patient.

Maggie M. *facebook* 2/10/2017
Arlington Heights, IL

Professional, clean and the best dentist in Arlington Hts.!

Christie H. *facebook* 12/17/2016
Prospect Heights, IL

Seasons Dental Care and Dr. Pontikes was nominated as one of Chicago’s Top Doctors of 2016 but to me he has been a top doctor to myself, my family and to my friends not only this year but ever since we began coming here.

Over the years my family was not able to find a dentist we could commit to. When we came to Dr. Pontikes, he made sure the decisions we made about our teeth was left to us and he made sure to inform us about options that we had while being conservative towards our teeth and to our pockets. Dr. Pontikes works with such care and makes sure he performs procedures above and beyond the best of his ability. He makes sure we, as the patient are satisfied with the final results.

I am currently doing Invisalign as a treatment to correct some spacing and minor imperfections to my bite and smile and I trust Dr. Pontikes will make adjustments to exactly what I want. I recommended him to several of my other friends and co-workers as well.

In addition to the doctor’s work, the staff is very friendly and professional and the office maintains an exceptional level of cleanliness.Thank you to everyone at Seasons Dental Care and keep up the fabulous work!

Cheryl Y. *Google review* *yelp* 9/9/2016
Des Plaines, IL

Dr. Pontikes is hands down the best dentist I have had work on my mouth. He made me feel comfortable and at ease with what he was doing. His office is modern and extremely clean and his staff helpful and friendly. Dr. Pontikes took time to answer my questions and didn’t rush through his work.
He was able to rush me in as soon as possible as I was in extreme amounts of pain. He was so skilled that he was basically done with the teeth extractions before I knew he started.
I highly recommend Dr. Pontikes and Seasons Dental!

Nick D. *Google* 8/2/2016
Palatine, IL

I can’t recommend Dr. Pontikes and Seasons Dental for your dental needs enough. Dr. Pontikes came in on his day off to handle emergency teeth extraction of 3 teeth for my fiancĂ©.

Dr. Pontikes was patient and thorough with both of us; he explained what he was going to do, updated me during the procedure and gave me complete post operative instructions after. We never felt rushed or to be an inconvenience.

Dr. Pontikes is extremely knowledgable and experienced yet takes the time to explain the process and answer questions.

Dr. Pontikes provided my fiancé much needed comfort and empathy yet performed the procedure with confidence and skill. My fiancés recovery was quick and painless.

Thank you Dr. Pontikes!

Jennifer M. *Google* *yelp* 7/29/2016
Glenview, IL

Dr. Pontikes did what no other dentist has been able to do, overcome my fear of dentists. I had a root canal and a temp tooth put in and had no pain throughout the process. His staff is awesome and his office is beautiful. I found my dentist and highly recommend Dr. Pontikes.

Maria A. *Google review* *yelp* *facebook* 4/29/2016
Waukegan, IL

Seasons is wonderful! The office is very well done – it looks amazing. The location is great, right off of Rand in Arlington Heights. Cheryl and Lilly up front are always so kind and remember things that are going on in your life. They do a great job with all of the administration. Dr. Pontikes is a wonderful dentist! He genuinely cares about you and your health. He always makes sure you’re comfortable and taken care of. He’s also very thoughtful in recommending services that can help you improve your smile. I would highly recommend Seasons Dental if you’re in the market.

Ashley A. *yelp* 11/30/2015
Palatine, IL

Dr. Pontikes has been my dentist for several years now. I’ve had many appointments here – fillings, cleanings, wisdom tooth extractions, as well as annual check ups.

All the staff at Seasons are great, most especially the dentist himself. I always feel that Dr. Pontikes genuinely cares about me and my health. He answers all my questions, no matter how random and silly they may be.

There are many little things that he does that set him apart as an excellent dentist.

He takes time to make sure that local anasthesia has completely taken effect, for example. He also takes the time to be personally knowledgable of what my insurance will or won’t cover, and what the cost will be for me, so that I can make informed decisions while I’m still talking with him. He is also very mindful of my TMJ and takes the time to let my jaw rest when working on my teeth, something that my previous dentist didn’t do.

The office is very peaceful and clean. I have NEVER encountered noise or unpleasantness in the environment (this is so much better than my former dentist’s office, where I would be frequently exposed to the sounds of loud drilling and distraught, hysterical children). The exam chairs are also very plush and comfortable – this really makes a difference if you’re stuck in one position while you get your teeth worked on.

Seasons is an excellent dental office and comes with my highest recommendation.

Maggie M. *yelp* 8/24/2015
Arlington Heights, IL

I have been going here for a few years now and I am always impressed with Dr. Pontikes’ thorough quality of work. Dr. Pontikes is an artist and after he has filled a cavity (even one on a highly visible area) you can’t even tell which tooth it is on. He matches the color and the shape so perfectly. He is the dental version of Leonardo da Vinci. If you need any dental work done at all I highly recommend getting it done here.

Jennifer G. *yelp* 6/15/2015
Arlington Heights, IL

I switched to Dr. Pontikes’ practice in January 2015. I highly recommend him and Seasons Dental Care. I’ve seen him for both regular cleanings and the replacement of some old crowns. I like the fact that the practice is small. He and his staff make you feel important. I especially like the fact that Dr. Pontikes is very hands on and detail oriented. When I initially had trouble with the insurance company reimbursing me for my crown replacements, he personally called to explain the situation and he provided status updates until the situation was resolved. Every time I’ve had questions, he patiently provided clear explanations.

If you want a dentist that will treat you with care and respect, check out Dr. Pontikes.

Mark M.
Arlington Heights, IL

I have had crown work done by other dentists, but the old crowns replaced by Dr. Pontikes are exceptional. Dr. Pontikes is efficient at his craft and yields extremely high quality work. Thank you Dr. Pontikes! I wish I had met you twenty years earlier.

Lisa T.
Arlington Heights, IL

Dr. John, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the 2 new crowns. They look awesome! Thanks for being so meticulous from start to finish.

Warren A.
Arlington Heights, IL

I was having severe pain in my gums due to a wisdom tooth that needed to be extracted. I had been putting it off for over a year, when Dr. Pontikes first recommended I have it extracted during my 6 month exam. At the time there was no pain and I was petrified and passed on the extraction process. Unfortunately Dr. Pontikes was right and I being as stubborn as I am needed the pain to prove it to me. After a night of extreme gum pain I decided to take Dr. Pontikes up on his offer a year later. I called the office first thing the next morning and Dr. Pontikes fit me in right away that day. Needless to say I was extremely scared. Having said that, the fear I felt was completely put to ease the second I sat in the chair. The entire procedure from beginning to end was totally painless and I was a happy girl and extremely thankful for Dr. Pontikes. Dr. Pontikes environment is welcoming, eliminating that typical intimidation factor of the dentist’s chair. I truly believe that he and his staff contributes to a warm feeling from the moment you enter the office to the time you leave. They are friendly, social, and considerate to the patients during their visit. Dr Pontikes has successfully removed any fears that were instilled in me at an early age. His gentle touch, professionalism, and sincere concern for the well being of me as his patient are only a few reasons why I have the utmost confidence in his work.

Lindsey W.
Vernon Hills, IL

My husband and I have been coming to Seasons Dental since its opening, for primarily 3 reasons; the advanced techniques and skills of Dr. John K. Pontikes, the state-of-the-art dental equipment, and the amazing “spa” like setting and design of his office.

Dr. Pontikes and his staff make every effort to accommodate our time constraints for dental appointments as we fly-in from out of state.  Although some would perceive our choice of dentists as an extravagant gesture, based on prior experiences with dentists in California, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, we have finally found a dentist who is committed to the art of practicing exceptional dental care.”

Maria C.
Hilton Head, S.C.

Dr. Pontikes is an excellent dentist. I’m still amazed at my “new” smile, which is five years old now. While working with me, Dr. Pontikes always remembers my issues with needles, and I feel more comfortable with him than any other dentist I’ve ever seen. I think so highly of Dr. Pontikes that I recommended him to my sister as well as my mother. And now both my nephews visit him too.”

Sheri K.
Glenview, IL

Over the course of 5 decades I have had 8 general dental practitioners and several specialists, due to relocation and change in dental plans. There are two exemplary dentists out of this group and Dr. John Pontikes is certainly one of them. Not only is he a highly skilled technician, he demonstrates a real sense of satisfaction in his craft. He approaches dentistry in a comprehensive manner, is never rushed and is quite personable. The Seasons Dental Care facility is “state of the art,” with a full complement of digitized, computerized equipment. The facility has been designed with alot of forethought in keeping the patient relaxed; the decor is very calming, right down to the waterfall feature. I am very happy to have found such a dental practitioner to entrust my dental care to. Thank you, Dr. Pontikes.”

Ermone’ A.
Glenview, IL

As to the art and science of devising crowns, Dr. Pontikes’ work is meticulous.  The two crowns he has done for me approach perfection, and I am truly happy with the final result.”

Northbrook, IL

I used to have a gummy smile and I wouldn’t smile as freely as I wanted to. Until I was seen by Dr. Pontikes, I didn’t know there was a procedure that could correct and improve my smile. No other dentist had ever mentioned it to me. Dr. Pontikes’ knowledge in his field has impressed me so much and has shown me how fully committed he is to improving and maintaining his patients’ oral health. Thanks to him and his wonderful surgeon Dr. Yousuf, I could now show off my smile. I get compliments everyday and I am very happy with their work.”

Julie R.
Chicago, IL

I can’t say enough about Dr. Pontikes as a person and a dentist. He and his staff are extremely professional and caring. He has a calming demeanor that makes our visits very pleasant and comforting.”

Peter K.
Arlington Heights, IL

Dr. Pontikes and his staff are absolutely wonderful! They are caring and always make me feel at ease from the moment I walk in the door to making my next appointment. Dr. Pontikes is a true professional. He is honest, communicates openly, and always recommends the right treatment for me. I am always provided with the best cleaning and dental procedures that use the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Thank you to all the staff members of Season Dental Care for providing me with a high quality dental experience in a friendly, relaxed environment!”

Tammy A.
Glenview, IL

…. I have been working with Dr. Pontikes for over twelve years now.  I consider him a very good and knowledgeable dentist.  Being in this industry, I am often asked to recommend a dentist. If a person is looking for a dentist in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, I always recommend Seasons Dental and Dr. Pontikes.  I can comfortably say that he provides quality dentistry to his clients and makes my work as a lab tech enjoyable….”

Ilya S.
Buffalo Grove, IL